Choosing a solar kit


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VERY IMPORTANT information for choosing kit and its components

(What they do not tell other vendors)


Preconfigured solar kits are a good tool for giving us an idea of ​​what you need to install a photovoltaic system on your house and how much it may be worth. But when sizing a solar system, there are many variables to take into account when selecting the equipment needed, which is why it must be determined on an individual basis.


The kits can be found in the online store for a given power, but are not valid for every case. Configuration are created to meet a need for concrete watts in a particular area of the country that unlikely match what you need.


The calculation of the panels and batteries needed is based on the geographical location where the kit will be used (you can not sell a kit designed to produce, for example, 3000W/día in Almeria, to a person who will be using in Madrid or Valencia, or Navarre, because solar radiation is very different in each location, it should be based on the study of Peak Solar Hours published by official bodies for each municipality).


In our shop you will also find preset Solar Kits to help you get an initial idea of ​​what you will need, but we recommend you contact us so that, after surveying the fit, so we can perform the corresponding dimensioning completely free and know exactly what you need.




About the Batteries:



1) One way to lower the price of a kit is putting a battery with the right capacity to store energy consumed over a day or so, if the kit is for use on weekends, the recommended minimum is 3 days of autonomy (and 5-7 if using kits for permanent housing). The batteries must be able to meet their daily consumption during the number of days of autonomy you choose, regardless of whether those days and the weather conditions (no sun).


2) While the kits do not usually indicate why they offer such cheap batteries, we recommend requiring that the cycles indicate battery life. Logically OpzS battery are better and more expensive because they are is designed for more than 3,000 cycles of discharge, and intended for a monoblock of 300 discharge cycles, which implies that the service life of the former is 10 times higher (depending on the use, one can last for 15-20 years and others may have to be changed after a year or year and a half) See its not so cheap? It does not mean that monoblock batteries are bad, just that each battery is suitable for different uses. So our website has given life cycles of each battery model, so you know when to use one or the other and why there is a difference in price. It is important to go into this level of detail, as the life of a battery does not depend only on technology (depending on the manufacturer, some monoblock batteries can have half the life cycles of other).


3 º). Another thing that many sellers do not report is whether the batteries can be serviced in Spain or not. You should know that the batteries weigh many Kg, and in the event that they give you problems for 15 days, many sellers are going to ask you to run the very high costs of sending the battery to the country where it was manufactured. With our batteries that will not happen. They are of the highest quality and are serviced in Spain.


About solar panels:


The most expensive is not always better. There are more expensive brands than others, but many times where the difference really is in the margins, and a companies disproportionate and abusive attempt to load some vendors for their own benefit. At LiderSolar we prefer to have a little benefit and many sales, instead of benefitting off a few large sales based on very high profit margins on each product, as does much of the competition.


There has always been a great debate about whether Chinese modules are better or worse than the European modules, and many users are surprised to learn that many of the European modules are manufactured with solar cells that manufactured in China, and the only thing that makes some European manufacturers different is to put the glass, aluminum frame, and brand on them. Just as there are good and bad European products, it is the same with Chinese products. And it is has nothing to do with some unscrupulous sellers solar panel remains marked as standard, or defective wafers, a suspiciously cheap price, or even at normal prices.


At Lidersolar we sell only quality, both European and oriental. ALL our panels (European and non-European) have the Rheinladn TÜV (German seal of international recognition) and our brands are extensively tested by large installers in domestic applications, such as solar farms for the sale network and satisfaction of the user.


Our panels offer a guarantee of production of 25 years, during which the manufacturer guarantees that they will continue to produce at at least 80% of rated power (no brand will have a longer warranty). In addition, the factory warranty against defects is 5 to 10 years depending on the manufacturer! For these reasons, do not be fooled by sellers who only want to make money at their expense, our corporate policy is to offer quality at very reasonable prices. When examining other offers, request certificates of recognized quality of the panels and other components, and always ask what we offer at LiderSolar: ABSOLUTE QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE.


The cables included in the kits: It is essential to calculate the cross section (thickness) of cables for each and every one of the sections of the facility (between panels and regulator, between regulator and batteries, including batteries and investor, and investor-entrance to the house), it will only be correct if calculated properly, besides depending on the components supplied, knowing the exact distance between them (between plates and regulator, etc..), so vendors offering you wire installation in the price, they are not doing you a favor, but the opposite; putting a section (thickness) of wire, regardless of the characteristics of the installation or paying for a cable more expensive than necessary, you run the risk of overheating the wires. The lower the performance of installation the larger the chance of high voltage drops, irreversible deterioration of any component without the manufacturer's warranty or guarantee, and even a possibility of fire.


For this reason, at Lidersolar, we do not include cables (or sell them separately). However, when we provide the information needed for installation, we will calculate sections where cables must be used for free. They are inexpensive to purchase at the electrical store. SOLAR CABLES DON’T EXIST, some sellers want to you to think they are and include them in ads, but cables used in solar installations are ordinary electrical wires.


We hope these tips will allow you to buy at your discretion, and allow you to compare the various deals by knowing the advantages and shortcomings of each component.

 AND REMEMBER: IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC SIZING FOR PARTICULAR CASE adjusted to the amount of days of autonomy you want or need. We are happy to advise you, make your study totally FREE without obligation, and explain the differences with other offers you may have. All this with our ongoing commitment to try to improve any price quote you have or have ever seen on any website.