Wood burners

Wood burners

With our modern and functional rustic kitchens and heating stoves you can create a warm atmosphere for a lifelong homes with the Berotu Cinox Series of DUAL CHAMBERS that give our kitchens traditional touches.


Made in Spain, these heaters Wood stoves (called lifetime stoves) are, at the same time a beautiful touch for his country house, an ornamental element of extreme beauty, and also meet the practicality and usefulness of being able to have hot water and heating with wood, coal, pellets, etc..


They are the ideal solution to have heating in cottages, as well as being able to cook with them, both on the countertop and in the wood oven, (not only in winter, but at any time of year, as are available with butane gas stoves for cooking in the warm seasons of the year in which it is necessary to turn on the stove) heat 10 times more than a fireplace or cassette, where they are located and you can literally go in short sleeves when outside is below freezing. Furthermore, our kitchens allow you to have central heating with wood floors and both radiators and hot water in isolated houses. Since at present, any solar thermal system is an efficient heating radiators (only used for floors, and given the hassle and expense of raising the whole floor, rarely gives this use when the house is already built).



Furthermore, the wood burning can be used to have sanitary hot water, which is  the perfect complement to the needs in winter entirely, and / or support for solar thermal system for domestic hot water in winter, when less solar radiation there, and typically requires otherwise support electrical resistance.




-Aesthetics, is truly wonderful to have a piece like this in your kitchen, this beauty, and the warmth it brings to see the fire.


-Heats much more and much less fuel consumption.


-Permits the use hot water to every faucet in the house.


-Permits the central heating radiators and underfloor heating.

-Allow many types of fuel (wood, coal, pellets, granules pellets, olive stone, maize, almond shell, pine, etc.).