Solar water pumping

Solar powered pump and solar pumps for solar water pumping

Solar powered pump and solar pumps for solar water pumping

The direct solar pumping is used to extract or divert water using renewable energy from solar panels without an inverter or battery.


The direct solar pumping systems essentially consist of a team of photovoltaic panels and a control cabinet that connects the solar panels to the power exiting the pump motor that is submerged in the well. There are also surface pumps to transfer water from rivers, reservoirs, and water tanks.

LORENTZ,_DISTRIBUIDOR.JPGInstalling a reservoir with an appropriate capacity will have running water in your home or farm by simply opening the tap, without an installing lobbyist.


It is the most comfortable and practical solution that exists that does not require installing any set.


It has applications for both domestic and agriculture/livestock use.


This section provides much BSD materials such as direct solar pumping kits as dimensioned and pumps included.


In addition to the direct solar pumping kits available, we can configure you a tailored solution for more flow and height. Contact us for a custom quote.

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